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The Red Rock Outfitters Experience is one above all others. Experience Texas Game and Exotic Hunting with us! 

Hunts offered at Red Rock Outfitters include: 

  • Whitetail Deer

  • Axis

  • Black Buck

  • Scimitar Oryx

  • Hogs & Trophy Hogs 

  • Fallow 

  • Pere David 

  • Aoudad (Not Free Range)


We offer a different outlook on 'roughing it', come experience a little country luxury while at the Red Rock Outfitters lodge.

Other things provided and/or offered during your stay at Red Rock Outfitters include professional guided hunts, transportation from Red Rock Outfitters to the Waneck Ranch, Refreshments offered upon request, Gourmet meals offered upon request, as well as laundry services and housekeeping services can be provided upon request. 

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